World Music

The CHC in front of the Taj Mahal, India

In the early seventies Chris Hinze started to travel to Far Eastern countries like Indonesia, India and Japan. Playing and improvising together with musicians from these cultures formed the foundations of Hinze’s then fore-running music style, which would nowadays be called 'world music', such as the recordings he already made in 1974 in Tokyo with shakuhachi player Hozan Yamamoto: Kyorai, Keden and Mange (regretfully no longer available).

His long lasting friendship with the American saxophone player Charlie Mariano en the Armenian percussionist/vocalist Arto Tuncboyaci resulted in a cooperation in many concert tours and beautiful albums (Seas Of Innocence, Inner Reflections, Bhavani and two solo CDs with Arto: Virgin Land and Main Root). Also two exclusive solo-albums of Sourakata Koite were produced by Hinze: Senegambia and Kora. By the connoisseur immediately recognized as perfectly recorded African Music.

  audiosample 'Shakuhachi' (from the album 'Flute Summit')

Flute Summit

The CD China Dream dates from 1990. A recording with Chris Hinze, the Chinese Qin player Cheng Gongliang, the famous American coloratura soprano Claron McFadden and the Indian percussionist Ramesh Shotham.
With Yu Xun Fa from Shanghai, Ichiro Seki from Tokyo and of course Raghunath Seth, Chris formed the Flute Summit Combination. They toured together in 1993 and 1995. The Flute Summit 2-CD is a live recording of these concerts.

He also toured with members of the famous Karnataka College of Percussion from Bangalore, India, together with the beautiful singer Ramamani and his friend the saxophone player Charlie Mariano. In 1989 the K.C.P. recorded the album Blue Glass together with Chris Hinze.

Another great album under the Keytone label is the world music CD Rodinha by O’Septeto Plus, a Brazilian/African/Dutch music project of musician/producer Jan Dumée. The intense love for Brazil and its music styles is the predominant factor though. An exuberant album by an international group of musicians.

audiosample 'Jayam' (from the album 'Blue Glass')

In the autumn of 1996 Chris Hinze managed to surprise everyone with his next CD release: Senang. This album was a kind of ‘back to the roots’ experience for Hinze, and many of his old friends from the world of jazz contributed solos. These friends included Michael Brecker, Charlie Mariano, Joachim Kühn and many others. The sparkling solos of these international jazz musicians were inspired by dance rhythms like jazz dance, jungle, hip-hop, ambient house, breakbeat, dub, and world music elements like Gregorian chants, Tibetan monks, African musicians, and the mysterious sounds of a Bulgarian choir. Of course the dance rhythms were programmed by Tom Holkenborg ((Junkie XL). By using all these different influences, Chris Hinze provides a fully original and individual interpretation of the Indonesian word 'Senang' (meaning 'feeling good'), not only as a composer, but also as a producer and soloist.

audiosample 'Angel' (from the album 'Senang')

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Chris Hinze – Light
A very diverse album in terms of styles with great guest musicians such as Claron McFadden, Mola Sylla, Sandhya Sanjana, Lucas van Merwijk, Coen Molenaar, just to name a few. All of them contributed selflessly. The income from the sale of this CD is donated to “Muziekbox” in the Laakkwartier in The Hague, where most people are hard-pressed financially. “Muziekbox” is the first of hopefully a series of music playgrounds throughout the Netherlands.
World music [KYT 827]


Chris Hinze – Incredible India
Chris Hinze featuring Sandhya Sanjana (vocals),
Eva van de Poll (cello), Coen Molenaar (keyboards), Susana Dé (vocals), Remco van der Sluis (drums) (CHC), Ramamani (vocals/KCP)
World music [KYT 825 CD / 826 DVD]


The Saliah Remixes
Chris Hinze, Bo Stief (e. bass), Marc Perrier (e. bass), Kier v.d.Werf (e. guitar), Fodé Yola (vocals & percussion), Lelo M´Batchi (vocals & percussion) Jeanne Baegne (vocals),
Francine Boumpoutou (vocals), Clementine Bitsindou (vocals), Michel Tsaikaka (vocals), Chieli Minucci (e. guitar & synt. guitar), Ramesh Shotham (drums & South Indian perc.), Arto Tuncboyaci (toms), Leo Sienot (guitars), Coen Molenaar (keyboards), Jewlz (vocals), Rasheehama (vocals) and others

Ethno/World [KYT 824]

In 1980, after having played more than a decade with predominantly American musicians, I decided to change the sound of the ‘Chris Hinze Combination’ radically. Untill that time I worked, as usual in jazz (fusion) music, with a regular drum - bass rhythm section (such as Gerry Brown & John Lee, Roger Cooke & Jimmy Chaaperoe and Steve Jordan & John Turner a.o.). Instead I looked for a percussionist/drummer and found first Trilok Gurtu and later Ramesh Shotham and combined them with a bassplayer, Bo Stief, and an african singer/percussionist Fodé Yola, followed by Eidrissa Diop, Lelo Mbatchi and others. The ‘african, indian world fusion’ sound was a fact.
Recently I listened again to the 24 tracks of ‘Saliah’, ‘Nazali’ and ‘The Hunter’ recorded in these early eighties. I was surprised that most of these songs still worked for me. They needed some remixing and shortening here and there, some new solos or adding some extra tracks. That was all.


Africa Impressions
Chris Hinze, Jewlz, Rassheehama, Sylvain Baloubeta, Coen Molenaar, Remco v.d.Sluis
Ethno/World/Jazz [KYT 820]


Seas Of Innocence
Chris Hinze, feat. Charlie Mariano
Soundscapes/Relaxation [KYT 1-088]

Chris Hinze was asked to compose a cd with lovely, restful ‘listening music’. This request amounted to these compositions which are based on a story (printed in the booklet) and form one musical whole, including a ‘Grand Finale’. He decided to primarily use synthesizers, piano and vocals, and avoid bass and drums. This album displays magnificent orchestral moments but also the whisper of a barely tangible emotion through the solos by Charlie Mariano, Arto Tunçboyaci and Chris Hinze.


Inner Reflections
Chris Hinze, feat. Charlie Mariano and Arto Tunçboyaci
New Age/Ethno/Meditation
[KYT 758]

Chris Hinze has delivered an absolute masterpiece with this album. He has triumphed superbly in reflecting the process of meditation inherent to his compositions in order to create a CD that offers not only listening pleasure, but also a benevolent spiritual relaxation. A great album with timeless, melodious New Age compositions from this world-famous artist.


Ramesh Shotham with N.Shotham, A.Tunçboyaci, A.Dinkjan, Ch.Mariano
Jazz/Ethno/World Music [KYT 761]

Bhavani is the name of a band made up of musicians with obvious ethnic backgrounds, but also possessing a love for rock, Jazz and classical Indian music: two Armenians living in New York, two Indians traveling in Europe; here together with top saxophone player Charlie Mariano as special guest. This CD has been produced by their friend Chris Hinze, himself a great admirer of this exponent of World Music.


Virgin Land
Arto Tunçboyaci
New Age/Ethno [KYT 757]

Chris Hinze found in percussionist/vocalist Arto Tunçboyaci an extremely unique artist. The Armenian born American musician has a voice that can easily rise from low bottom to falsetto and back. His unbridled imagination allows him to incorporate elements from his original cultural background in very contemporary music. He is also a formidable percussionist (look for his albums with Al DiMeola and Joe Zawinul); reason enough for Chris Hinze to produce this solo-cd.


Main Root
Arto Tunçboyaci
New Age/Ethno [KYT 759]

Arto Tunçboyaci, percussionist/vocalist with the Chris Hinze Combination, Al DiMeola and Joe Zawinul and many others, again with an exquisite New Age CD. This time the emphasis is put on his talents as percussionist, in contrast with the album Virgin Land. Nevertheless, there are still some incredibly beautiful vocals to be heard on this disc. Special attention for the track ‘King Bottle’ where he simultaneously sings, plays the tambourine, and blows on a beer bottle.


Sourakata Koite
Ethno [KYT 779]

An intriguing solo album by this Senegalese musician on the Kora (a kind of harp/lute which takes years to master). On some tracks he sings beautiful songs, known from his childhood. Nationally renowned for years, he now performs all over the world and is appreciated immensely by lovers of World Music. Music of ethnic origin which appeals to a wide audience.


Sourakata Koite
Ethno [KYT 789]

This second release of Sourakata Koite with Keytone Records is named after the instrument that he has played since his early youth. Though Koite currently lives in France and performs all over the world, his ‘roots’ travel with him in his World Music played on the Kora, a traditional African string instrument.


China Dream
Chris Hinze-Cheng Gongliang
New Age/Ethno/Meditation [KYT 760]

The Chinese Qin player Cheng Gongliang who was invited to the West and performed on many stages in the USA and Europe, has recorded this album on which he uses centuries old ‘traditionals’ as themes for his music. The contributions of Dutch producer/composer/flutist Chris Hinze and the American soprano Claron McFadden turn this production into a brilliant New Age collector’s item; it received a prize in the National Chinese Music Contest; the first time ever a foreigner received the award.


Flute Summit
Chris Hinze, Raghunath Seth, Ichiro Seki, Yu Xun-Fa
Ethno/New Age/Meditation [KYT 768/69 - 2-CD]

This album is the result of Chris Hinze’s tour with his fellow flutists the Indian Raghunath Seth, Japanese Ichiro Seki, Chinese Yu Xun-Fa. All world class soloists, each contributing to a pallet of ingredients which balance each other perfectly. Contemplative but also scintillating and emotional; accessible to both lovers of subtle improvisations as well as devotees of New Age and World Music.




Blue Glass
The Karnataka College of Percussions, feat. Ramamani, vocals
Ethno/Jazz/World Music [KYT 755]

This production seems to be made for connoisseurs. These geniuses in the percussion technique from Bangalore, India, are very well known in Germany.They have also performed in the USA, China, Russia and Australia. Associate producer and composer Chris Hinze appears on this release as guest musician; his synthesizer and flute solos make this production a fine example of the perfect blend of cultures that appeals to both the western and eastern audiences.


‘O Septeto’ Plus
World Music/Ethno/Meditation
[KYT 810]

This album is a Dutch/Brazilian/African music project. The compositions and arrangements are from bandleader Jan Dumée; Brazilian en fusion-compositions, which mirror his love for Brazil and his other passions like Jazz, classical music, fusion and ethnic influences from Africa and India. With top musician from the Jazz- and World Music scene: Bobby Jacobs, Remko de Landmeter, Mike del Ferro, Toon Roos, Luiz Luz (Argentina) Alaor Soares (Brazil) Sonia Genú (Brazil) Tamara Krzlj (Croatia), Thijs van Leer, Carlos Malta (Brazil), Mola Sylla (Senegal), David Rockefeller, Fernando Thebaldi (Brazil) and Marcello Godoy (Brazil).


Chris Hinze
Jazz-Dance/World Music/Hip-Hop/Ambient House/Dub
[KYT 794]

Gregorian singing, Tibetan monks, African musicians and the mysterious sounds of a Bulgarian choir form the inspiration for the exquisite solos of international Jazz musicians(like Chris Hinze, Michael Brecker, Arto Tunçboyaci, Joachim Kühn, Charlie Mariano).With all these diverse rhythms and influences Chris Hinze gives his interpretation as composer/soloist/ producer of the word ‘senang’ (feeling at ease).