At the end of the seventies Chris Hinze's interest in other, distant and different musical roots and styles brought him to the Caribbean. On Jamaica he met multi-instrumentalist Mikey 'Mao' Chung. He introduced Hinze to the music scene on the island. Immensely impressed and inspired by their musicality and way of life he went back to Holland and immediately started to write some new material.

Chris Hinze brought the new compositions on his second visit to Kingston. In the meantime he got acquainted with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and, through them, with the reggae legend Peter Tosh. Hinze very much wanted to record together with them. When Mao offered to add the reggae rhythm-arrangements, Sly and Robbie also became enthusiastic. Peter Tosh also composed two songs. After a few days of rehearsing they went to the Aquarius Studios in Kingston. Many local musicians and back-ground vocals joined in. Hinze brought all this material to the famous Electric Lady Studios in New York. Musicians and background vocalists like Hiram Bullock (guitar), Luther Vandross, Gwen Guthrie and Tawatha (vocals) also cooperated and finally, in 1980, the album Kings Of Reggae was released. It sold immensely well and still does, because this production is considered to be 'timeless music'.

Inner sleeve Kings Of Reggae

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Kings Of Reggae
C.Hinze, P.Tosh, S.Dunbar, R.Shakespeare
Reggae/Ethno/World [PE-106]

During his stay in Jamaica flutist Chris Hinze met the late Peter Tosh, the legendary rhythm section players Sly Dunbar (drums) and Robbie Shakespeare (bass), and other guests like Luther Vandross: outstanding Reggae compositions, featuring exciting vocals and solo highlights.


audiosample 'East Kingston'