Baroque adaptations & Film themes

Besides his activities in the jazz scene in the early seventies Chris Hinze developed a unique combination of jazz & baroque music. He received no less than two Edison Awards (from the Dutch Gramophone Industry) and several gold records for these baroque/jazz adaptations on the albums Vivat Vivaldi, Telemann My Way and Sketches And Variations On Bach, (featuring Louis van Dijk & Jan Goudswaard).

Later he also received an Edison for his film music adaptations on Mirror Of Dreams (with The London Symphony Orchestra and Louis van Dijk).

audiosample 'Badinerie'

Other successful albums from the seventies and eighties are:
Silhouettes (with London Symphony Orchestra),
- Impressions (with Louis van Dijk).
- Baroque By Candlelight (with the German guitarist Sigi Schwab),
- Virgin Sacrifice

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Telemann My Way/Vivat Vivaldi
Chris Hinze
Jazz/Baroque [KYT 780]

A CD is the perfect form for a second release of favorite productions. So it was only logical to respond to the countless requests to present a compilation of the old baroque interpretations of Chris Hinze, which at the time were instant successes as they still are through their timeless interpretation.


Sketches And Variations On Bach
Chris Hinze
Jazz/Baroque [KYT 781]

What has been said about the Telemann/Vivaldi adaptations also counts when describing this compilation of the LP’s Sketches on Bach and Variations on Bach.But on top of that it is worth mentioning that these Baroque productions not only sold thousands of records and achieved ‘gold’, the Sketches on Bach also won the Edison Award of the Dutch Gramophone Industry.


Mirror Of Dreams
Chris Hinze with members of the London Symphony Orchestra
Relaxation/Movie themes/Baroque adaptations
[KYT 735]

This release, which received the Edison Award of the Dutch Gramophone Industry, presents a unique combination of pure musical form and romance.A collage of music from the past: Baroque compositions and contemporary music from soundtrack composers like Morricone, Musy, Mandel, Donaggia and Delerue. All brilliantly performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra with Chris Hinze and Louis van Dijk; it touches the depths of your emotions with its musical magic.


audiosample 'Mirror Of Dreams'

Chris Hinze with members of the London Symphony Orchestra
Famous themes/Instrumental/Relaxation [KYT 744]

Named after one of Chris Hinze’s own compositions, this CD is an exponent of one of his extraordinary ‘Global Music’ projects. Arranged and conducted by Michael Gibbs, members of the London Symphony Orchestra perform together with Chris Hinze, Sigi Schwab, Jan Goudswaard, Eddie Gomez and other famous musicians. Works by Gershwin, Satie, Strayhorn, Albeniz, Jobim, Lloyd Webber and Hinze come alive through Gibbs’ breathtaking orchestration, culminating into a sublime musical enjoyment.


Chris Hinze
Jazz/Baroque [KYT 782]

To complete the re-release series of baroque interpretations Chris Hinze combined tracks from his LP Variations on Bach with works from his theater program ‘Impressions, Past and Present Music’. During this tour Chris Hinze together with Louis van Dijk, Jacques Schols, Jan Goudswaard and others, proved through improvisations and their own works that ‘old’ music can easily blend with more contemporary music. Truly good music remains timeless and precious.


Baroque By Candlelight
Chris Hinze, Sigi Schwab
Relaxation/Baroque adaptations [KYT 750]

‘Baroque by Candlelight’ is simultaneously swinging and romantic yet it is more than an ‘easy listening’ album. Teamed with the renowned German guitar player Sigi Schwab, Hinze plays Händel, Vivaldi, Quantz and Bach in modern arrangements that complement, rather than detract from the classic originals. Who better than Hinze, Edison Award winner for his earlier Baroque interpretations, could be trusted to make this a delightful journey from ‘past to present’.


audiosample 'Allegro nr. 4'

Virgin Sacrifice
The Chris Hinze Combination
New Age/Relaxation [KYT 783]

Chris Hinze composed the music for the Teleac TV-series on archeology ‘Digging for the Past’, performed by his Combination with famous musicians like John Lee (bass), Gerry Brown (drums), Louis van Dijk (piano) and Roger Cooke (bass) as guest musicians.On request of a large number of viewers an album was compiled. Source of inspiration was one of the subjects of these programs: the mysterious death of ‘the girl from Windeby’, whose body was found after centuries of conservation in the swamps. A ritual offering? We will never know. Certain is that it inspired Chris Hinze to create this beautiful music.


audiosample 'Virgin Sacrifice'