Joined forces of Chris Hinze and Tom Holkenborg (alias JunkieXL)

With Tom in studio at Ibiza

In summer 1994 I finally finished the Tibet Impressions cd. At least I thought so at first. But a little later I decided that it needed some rhythmical changes, and also that there should be a remix of some of the songs. I had heard about a young "house" producer called Tom Holkenborg. So I picked up the phone. At first he sounded bad tempered, due to serious problems with his mountain bike which forced him to finish his holidays earlier than planned. But after listening to my story his enthusiasm took over immediately. He started work straight away, and delivered the remixes of ‘So give them hope’, ‘Golden Light’ and ’Body Energy’ one week later. They were great. I was impressed not only by his craftsmanship but also by his musicality. Next year he offered to make a remix of the material of my cd's Meditation and Mantras I and II. This resulted in the beautiful ambient/soundscape/triphop/jungle cd Mellow Mantras. This was really the beginning of our musical cooperation. A teamwork based on mutual respect, learning from each other, and intuitive understanding of what the other meant. Very unique because we both came from completely different musical backgrounds.

  audiosample 'Mantras & Names' remix

In 1995 we were in my Studio in Ibiza for the end mix the cd T’ai Chi - In Balance. Tom also took care of the additional rhythm arrangements on this album.

In summer ‘96 we worked together on the finishing touches to the mix of the cd Tibet Impressions Volume II. Tom added the fantastic remix of ‘Peaceful Mind’.

In 1997 I played a few tracks on his cd A Forest Called Mulu - A Search For The Unexplored. I am executive producer of this album.

audiosample 'Peaceful Mind' remix

Also in ’97 my cd Senang was released. This album is filled with soloists from the international jazz-scene. Tom took care of all basic dance rhythm tracks, while I made the compositions. The final mix was done by both of us together, of course.

1998 brought the long expected breakthrough for Tom. He received international recognition as Junkie XL. That same year we were in Ibiza working on my cd Zen & The Art Of Dance And Meditation; it includes 3 remixes of Tom: ‘Eihei-ji’, ‘Aoyama’, and ‘Tenryu-ji’.

audiosample 'Eihei-ji' remix

Due to Tom’s activities on his new Junkie XL cd, and my extensive stay for a project in the Far East, in 1999 our cooperation was reduced to some "wine and listening sessions" and a joint mixing of two tracks from my new cd T’ai Chi - In Balance Volume II.

In 2000 we joined forces again for the compilation Ambient Opera Ibiza Remix.
Again Tom did all the remixes and additional programming.

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Mellow Mantras
Chris Hinze
[KYT 784]

Young successful producer Tom Holkenborg enjoyed remixing one of the best selling titles of this catalogue: Meditation & Mantras Vol. I, which was recorded in temples in South-India in the eighties; tranquil and soothing music, a synthesis of East and West where rhythm already took a very prominent part. This remix should absolutely find its way to the collection of Ambient house or Meditative music lovers.


T’ai Chi - In Balance
Chris Hinze
Relaxation/World Music/New Age [KYT 790]

Intriguing melodious music based on Meditative/ambient/trance rhythms. With the scenery of China in the back of his mind, the centuries old T'ai Chi has been Chris Hinze’s source of inspiration.With Chris Hinze on flutes and synthesizers, a big orchestra, Chinese choir Jing Long, many international soloists like Yu Xun Fa on Ti-Tzu flute, Tang Bei on Sheng, Lin Su on Pipa, Weiling Fang on Erhu; on bansuri flute R.Seth, from India, on Shakuhachi flute I.Seki from Japan. African vocals by Hugh Kanza, Chinese lead-vocals Lin Su and Chien Qiang. A ‘Grand Production’, for people who practise T’ai Chi, but also an inspiration for the lovers of Meditative and Relaxation music.


audiosample 'Return To The Mountains'

Tibet Impressions - Volume II
Chris Hinze, feat. H.H. the Dalai Lama
[KYT 799]

This magnificent follow-up of the ‘94 best seller ‘Tibet Impressions’ is based upon beautiful flute playing by Chris Hinze, inspired by the impressive chanting of mantras by the Gyuto and Tsurphu monks,magical sounds of Himalayan bells, sounds of nature, Gregorian singing and western Ambient /jungle/trance rhythms. Also with quotes from the Dalai Lama. Many other guests like Lama Karta, singers and instrumentalists of T.I.P.A. etc. Produced in cooperation with Tom Holkenborg: the reflection of the new impressions on Tibet from Chris Hinze. Note: the album includes a Dance remix bonus track.


Mulu, A Search For The Unexplored
A Forest Called Mulu (feat. C.Hinze)
Sound Scapes/Ambient /Trip-Hop/Jungle [KYT 796]

A very intriguing release which contains dub Hip Hop tracks and Ambient /Jungle influences and has a scenic scope.It has been mixed like a relaxed trip, linking old skool Reggae beats to Ambient sounds and dub hiphop-beats to Orb-like spheres. ‘A forest called Mulu’ is produced by Junkie XL, pseudonym for the brilliant young producer Tom Holkenborg, also well-known for the great successes of his group Nerve.


audiosample 'M.S.L.'

Chris Hinze
Jazz-Dance/World Music/Hip-Hop/Ambient House/Dub
[KYT 794]

Gregorian singing, Tibetan monks, African musicians and the mysterious sounds of a Bulgarian choir form the inspiration for the exquisite solos of international Jazz musicians(like Chris Hinze, Michael Brecker, Arto Tunçboyaci, Joachim Kühn, Charlie Mariano).With all these diverse rhythms and influences Chris Hinze gives his interpretation as composer/soloist/ producer of the word ‘senang’ (feeling at ease).


audiosample 'Angel'

Zen & The Art Of Dance And Meditation
Chris Hinze
Ambient/Ethno/Meditation/Dance [KYT 809]

Chris Hinze starts with the intriguing sutra chanting from Zen monasteries in Japan, which form a thread throughout the entire musical story and also serve as a source for his mystical flute improvisations.He combined these special chants with the soundscapes of synthesizers, African tribal singing, Gregorian chants, contemporary jungle and ambient-techno sounds and trance-like rhythms of authentic Japanese drummers. Tom Holkenborg, alias "Junkie XL", provided additional programming of "dance" rhythms and also put together three unique remixes: Remix Tenryu-ji, Remix Eihei-ji and Remix Aoyama. This album has a strong "filmic" feel with dramatic accents. The atmosphere is highly influenced by the contributions of American coloratura soprano Claron McFadden. English blues singer Dave Jeffs also added his special contributions. The Wadaiko Ichiro drummer group, whom Chris Hinze met in Japan, gave him permission to make recordings during their workshops. A radiant album for a wide public of music lovers, in which the meditative content is seen from a totally different side. This explains the subtitle "The Art of Dance and Meditation".


audiosample 'Eihei-ji'

T’ai Chi - In Balance II
Chris Hinze
Relaxation/World Music/New Age [KYT 811]

T'ai Chi - 'In Balance' - Volume II is the follow-up to the highly successful T’ai Chi - CD produced by Chris Hinze in 1995 which provided the impetus for the theatre tour, "T’ai Chi - In Balance Live 1998", which played to packed houses.It includes stunning new compositions written especially for the upcoming tour, along with the hits from the 1998 tour, such as Chris Hinze’s duet with the Korean soprano Young Hee Kim: ‘The Queen and I’. This number was seen as the highlight of the evening by the audience. And the exquisite number "Peace Hotel", in which Chinese soprano Lin Su lends her sublime voice to interpret Chris Hinze’s memories of his visit to Shanghai, received a resounding ovation. The basic idea of Eastern influence on Western culture and vice-versa (Taoism and Christianity) is at the heart of the thinking behind this CD. The album complements the atmosphere of the previous CD with completely new ‘World Music’, which although composed of many integrated segments, is remarkably easy on the ear.


audiosample 'Midnight Bell'

Ambient Opera Ibiza Remix
Chris Hinze
Ambient/Dance [KYT 813 CD]

The moment i moved to Ibiza five years ago i felt at home here. The mystical atmosphere inspired me to many productions here in my studio. So it was only natural to compile an Ibiza-ambient-remix CD. This CD features the American opera singer Claron McFadden (whose beautiful eyes were an inspiration for the designer of the front cover)and soprano Young Hee Kim from Korea. I hope this CD will bring you in tune with the powerful ambiance of this place. Then you realize what the Ibiza spirit can do to you.