Zen Impressions
Chris Hinze featuring Del Silencio, Sokun Tsushimoto Rossi, Daitokuji-San, John Toler
Ethno/Meditation [KYT 823]

This album is dedicated to the American Zen Abbot John Toler who died in 2006. He was one of the only westerners ever to become a Zen Temple Abbot in Japan. I had the privilege to stay with him in the autumn of 1997 at the Seisen-An Temple in Ouda (Nara prefecture Japan).

Playing with Del Silencio is not only a great pleasure, it´s more than that. It goes very deep. We played in my studio five days in a row without written music and without time limitations. We could play ‘Silence’ and we could play ‘Fierce’… but never there was a dissonance …we could reach immeasurable dimensions and emotions. But at the quiet moments I felt like being in a ‘Zazen (meditation) hall’ somewhere in Japan. Then, the idea was born to take parts of these studio sessions and embed them with the magical ‘Sutras’ sung by the Zen Masters with whom I had the honour to be with years ago
when I was in Japan.

Please listen to bassclarinet player Frans Moussault´s penetrating melody lines and atmospheric harmonics, Ton Akkermans who´s handmade Singing Bowls and Gongs had such an incredible impact on our playing, and Oscar Cano who completed our playing by being ‘Oscar Cano’ the incredebly sensitive Didgeridoo player. And last but not least the input of Abbot Sokun Tsushimoto Rossi, Daitokuji-San and Abbot John Toler was of tremendous value for me.