The Saliah Remixes
Chris Hinze, Bo Stief (e. bass), Marc Perrier (e. bass), Kier v.d.Werf (e. guitar), Fodé Yola (vocals & percussion), Lelo M´Batchi (vocals & percussion) Jeanne Baegne (vocals),
Francine Boumpoutou (vocals), Clementine Bitsindou (vocals), Michel Tsaikaka (vocals), Chieli Minucci (e. guitar & synt. guitar), Ramesh Shotham (drums & South Indian perc.), Arto Tuncboyaci (toms), Leo Sienot (guitars), Coen Molenaar (keyboards), Jewlz (vocals), Rasheehama (vocals) and others

Ethno/World [KYT 824]

In 1980, after having played more than a decade with predominantly American musicians, I decided to change the sound of the ‘Chris Hinze Combination’ radically. Untill that time I worked, as usual in jazz (fusion) music, with a regular drum - bass rhythm section (such as Gerry Brown & John Lee, Roger Cooke & Jimmy Chaaperoe and Steve Jordan & John Turner a.o.). Instead I looked for a percussionist/drummer and found first Trilok Gurtu and later Ramesh Shotham and combined them with a bassplayer, Bo Stief, and an african singer/percussionist Fodé Yola, followed by Eidrissa Diop, Lelo Mbatchi and others. The ‘african, indian world fusion’ sound was a fact.
Recently I listened again to the 24 tracks of ‘Saliah’, ‘Nazali’ and ‘The Hunter’ recorded in these early eighties. I was surprised that most of these songs still worked for me. They needed some remixing and shortening here and there, some new solos or adding some extra tracks. That was all.